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Winyah Bay Bulls – Nov. 1st, 2009

winyahbayOn this weeks episode Bob is taking a few of the guys from Pepsi on a red fishing trip of a lifetime. Join them as they head to Winyah Bay located outside of Georgetown, South Carolina.  Captain Tommy Scarborough of Georgetown Coastal Adventures is back and will be helping Bob and the guys on this fishing adventure. Tired of venison burgers ? Don’t miss this weeks Sportsman’s Table, Jason is cooking up a stuffed venison back-strap.

Before and After the Show — Changing The Game Plan


On many trips I specifically have a species of fish in mind and with close coordination with the guides that host our program, there is always a certain level of doubt as to the conditions in which fish will respond.  On a recent trip to the Atlantic coast the game plan included fishing for Red Fish and only if they were not “on”, then switching to another species and in a hurry.  Well, as seems to be the case in over 90% of the scheduled fishing trips I have to be prepared to change the “play” at the line of scrimmage. This day would not be any different as every trip is not a guaranteed fish catching experience.

The Red Fish were not responding and the only fish we were catching was Sea Trout.  Most guides prefer to use “live” bait and our guide for the day, Capt. Robert Olsen, , was prepared with live shrimp, but the red fish did not take the bait.  After a quick decision and looking at the conditions, tides, wind, temperature Robert recommended that we try a favorite spot of his inside the coastal waterway in Charleston, SC.

Sea trout is a great species of fish to catch and some can be up to 22-24 inches and put up a great fight.  They are very soft mouthed and anglers have to been very careful to not pull or “set” the hook, which for most of us is a very hard habit to break.  All you bass fishermen know what I am talking about, and Robert being the good coach that he is, warned me about setting the hook in reaction to the bite on a “popping cork” rig on our spinning tackle.

I always try to use a variation of techniques and baits on our program and had brought along some Berkley Gulp Shrimp baits and wanted to demonstrate just how effective they could be on various species of fish.  Red Fish seem to always be on the Gulp baits, but with us switching to sea trout I wanted to see if the trout would respond.  Well, respond they did, and in a big way…… you will just have to wait and see the results when you watch the show.

On our program each week Chevrolet features our weekly Chevy Outdoor Destination as I try to find some of the best fishing and hunting outfitters in the business.  You can see that the Low Country of South Carolina has a lot to offer the hunter and on the featured destination at Deux Cheneaux Plantation near Green Pond, South Carolina it will tell the rest of the story.  Log onto their website at to view their beautiful plantation and lodge.

A big thanks goes out to all of our Fans on our website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  Keep watching and following along each week we have some great new shows coming soon.

All the best, Bob

Charleston Trout – October 25th, 2009

Who says you can’t fish in the fall? Bob is back in Charleston, South Carolina for a little fall trout fishing.    Bob is joined by Robert Olsen from Knot at Work fishing charters.

Everything isn’t fishing this week, our Chevy destination takes you to the low country of South Carolina to introduce you to a new hunting operation, Deux Cheneaux Plantation located outside of Walterboro, South Carolina. (

Georgetown Kings – October 18th, 2009

This week Bob travels to Georgetown, South Carolina for some early fall king mackerel fishing. Joining Bob is Captain Tommy Scarborough, longtime guide in the waters off of Georgetown.  While everyone else is thinking deer hunting, just remember that fall is the great time to the Carolina coast for a little fishing!

West Palm Bonita – October 11th, 2009

Bob heads back to the coast of Florida to fish offshore with special guests Cole Berger and Jason Davis from Sportsman’s Gold. You’ve seen Jason in the kitchen, and now he’ll join Bob on the water. Captain George Mitchell will be at the helm on this awesome trip, so tune in and you won’t want to miss this show!bonita