Monthly Archives: January 2014

Northern Ontario Canada Moose Hunting

canada mooseThis week Bob heads to Canada looking for his first moose. Stalking moose in Northern Ontario in 70 degree weather has it’s challenges. Bob will be hosted by Andy Tardiff the owner of Echoing Lake Lodge which is located less than 90 miles from the Hudson Bay. Traveling with Bob is two longtime friends Dave Hansing of Hendrick Motor Sports and his brother Rick. Dave and Rick’s 40 years of Canadian moose hunting experience will help Bob in his quest for his first moose. This is a show you will surely enjoy, so don’t miss it!

Big Reds in Slidell Louisiana

Bob Redfern RedfishingThis is Bob’s first visit to the Bayou State and will not be his last. On this show, Bob is joined by Captain Mike Gallo of Angling Adventures of Louisiana as they seek out redfish on Lake Pontchartrain. This lake is a nationally known estuary for large trout and the Biloxi Marsh is the Redfish Capital of the world, right in the middle of trophy territory. You won’t want to miss Bob’s new technique for catching the big Reds. Sit down, tune in and see how he gets it done. This show is guaranteed to have you planning a trip to Louisiana!

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota

Ipo6D4F3buJX-fTEFWXQqUPdPZfCWxztQqd8dr5pQFsThis week Bob is weathering the elements in South Dakota doing what he enjoys, upland bird hunting. Wide open spaces and pheasant hunting is what it’s all about, so if you like the outdoors and really like to pheasant hunt this is the place for you. Today Bob is joined by Larry Smith who has owned the lodge for over 19 years! Stay tuned for some great bird hunting action, a great recipe and an adventure you’ll want to plan for yourself: