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Bob Redfern, host of the popular weekly TV series Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine, spotlights fishing, hunting and other outdoor adventures that appeals to all levels of experience from novice to pro. There is always a little something in store for everyone.

Because of his lifelong devotion to promoting hunting, fishing, and conservation efforts, Bob ventured out on his own four years go to begin the highly successful weekly outdoor series, Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine. Bob’s vast experience and knowledge in promoting and hosting one of the most successful outdoor television series in the southeastern United States has resulted in endorsements from some of the largest sponsors and partners in the outdoors business today.

His experience also includes five years in live radio as the cohost of an outdoor FM radio show. Bob has also been a noted guest on numerous radio and television programs and outdoor publications such as Field and Stream, ESPN Outdoors, BuckMasters, Bill Jordan’s RealTree Outdoors, American Rifleman, Turkey Call Magazine, and Quail Unlimited Magazine.

Bob enjoys bringing the best of the outdoors to the television each week featuring real life events with real life people.

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