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Before and After The Show #1

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Pic050Folks this will be the first of many new articles on our new website  I will provide all of my loyal fans with some insight as to how we film and produce our program.  “Before and After the Show”  will discuss what you do not see on the program and a behind the scenes look.

Doing an outdoor TV Show takes a lot of coordination and a great deal of luck… you know we try to film programs in real time, or as we say in the TV business, the “shoot to air” timelines are very short, like 3 to 6 weeks.   By doing our programs in that type of sequence provides in season hunting and fishing programs and not filming shows and then airing them 1 to 2 years later…….   I do 26 programs each year and we broadcast 52 weeks,  which means year round…..  Fishing is not just for the warm months anymore…..  we fish year round, whether it is freshwater or saltwater, I am there regardless of the cold or heat.

As for hunting, with the opening day of Dove season around Labor Day weekend every year, that to most folks is considered the opening of hunting around the country.   Dove hunting and football go hand in hand and to many serves as the right of passage.   Although in some parts of the country deer hunting begins in mid August, the fall hunting season begins around labor day….  One tidbit of info, there are more shot gun shells expended on opening day of Dove hunting that during any other time of the year….

That really makes my friends as Winchester Ammunition happy, so with that I will have my new Browning Citori 625 over/under, 28 gauge shot gun in hand on the opening day of dove hunting, Sept 5th.  This seasons dove hunt takes us back to a location that we visited last year in Mulllins, SC and Wally Elliott of Elliott Labradors to see if he can work up the magic again for drawing in doves.

Our Chevy destination for the dove hunting program finds us in Loganville, Georgia visiting one of the largest Pennington Seed distributors in the Southeastern United States, Boss Brothers Country Store.  The store is a family owned business that started out in an old chicken house building in the 1980’s by one of the brothers, Michael Boss, and with the addition of a new old timey country store which run by Michael’s brother, Ken.

Now you all are probably wondering what does that have to do with dove hunting and the outdoors, well it is really simple…. Pennington Seed Inc. in Madison, Georgia, ran an exclusive promotion for all of its dealers nation wide and the dealer/distributor that sold the most Pennington Seed Wildlife Forage product for 2009 won the honors of being on our program as well as picking their best customer to receive a “free”  Wildlife Food Plot Makeover, with Pennington providing all of the products and expertise for free.  The lucky winner of the food plot makeover was
Charlie Henderson of Covington, Georgia….

In the coming months I will be following the food plot makeover and we will showcase the progress on our TV show…. This should be a segment to watch and keep up with… and maybe one of our viewers across the country can be selected for the same food plot makeover.

The upcoming months will be exciting and I hope that you all will continue to follow along on both the TV and on our website.   I am also pleased to announce that we will feature some great outdoor writers on our website, who will be providing some great insights on tips and techniques as well as life long stories from their hunting and fishing trips.

I also get questions all of the time about guides and outfitters that I recommend…. We are creating a special web page for all of our “go to”  guides and outfitters for what I call “The Best of the Best”  list.   If guides and outfitters make our listing then they will be posted on the site for all of our fans to utilize…..  Making the list will be a graded out deal which will be done by our producers and fans…..

More to follow on how we grade our guides and outfitters and how they will be added to the list…….  You will also be able to go to the Chevy Access the Outdoors which will also feature our recommended guides and outfitters across the country… so keep watching.

Just one final thought goes out to all of our great sponsors, whom without, I would not be able to bring our show into your home each week…  We have established specific sponsor web pages and I encourage each of you to take a look at their products and when you are in the market,  make your next purchase from them…..

Thanks again for all of your years of support and see you soon…..



One Response to “Before and After The Show #1”
  1. Just found your site through FB and Bob Hickman
    Wanted to say I have enjoyed your site and invite you to become a FB fan of the North Carolina Wildlife Artist Society. Also checkout our site at We are a new group but growing.
    This last week alone we signed 4 new members all of havent made it to the site yet ( waithing on ther info)
    We are a NP group with the goal of Protecting wildlife, Promoting Artist, and Educating the world on the lose of wildlife habatate through art.
    Mind you we are NOT a tree hugger group as are some art groups out there.
    I strongley belive in hunting, fishing and anything to keep kids from setting in a house all day playing video games.
    I also own Call of the Wild Wildlife Studio in Beaufort, NC a full service Taxidermy shop and art gallery. If your ever up this way please stop by.
    Wish you all the success for a great year with your show.
    Thanks for your time

    Kyle Dixon

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