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Bob’s Outdoor Gear Giveaway!

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Enter to win Bob’s Outdoor Gear Giveaway. You’ll have a chance to win some of the latest and best gear from one of Bob’s sponsors. Win fishing rods and reels, Browning Gear Bags, Knives, Hats, Shirts and so much more, so enter today!


4 Responses to “Bob’s Outdoor Gear Giveaway!”
  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Oh would make hubby happy.

  2. Bob,
    I enjoy watching your show every week. I especially enjoy your upland bird hunting segments with the great gun dogs you hunt with. The gun dogs really make for a very ebjoyable hunt. Bob i look forward to your show every week. Thank you for a great experience.
    Elliott Carroll

  3. Mike Galate says:

    I caught your show for the first time February 1st. and what impressed me the most was Bob taking those kids fishing. I met my daughter, Son in Law and my almost 2 year old granddaughter for dinner the other night and the conversation turned to me taking my daughter fishing when she was a young girl. I said I couldn’t wait to take my granddaughter fishing as I did my daughter. I still remember the excitement and the giggles my daughter had when she caught a fish. I think promoting the sport to youngsters is the ultimate thrill not only for the adult, but the child involved. Thanks Bob for showing us a great way to teach kids the sport and to detour kids from bad things and promote the sport of fishing.

  4. JR FISHER says:

    What a great Show! Bob your a genuine southern gentleman host. ‘Im a San Diegan(not the same as a Californian) but I grew up in the Florida Panhandle with roots in south Alabama. I enjoy watching your show with those short hair pointers seeking out bob white quail in those southern piney woods. Takes me back to my younger days following my Uncle Harland as we hunted quail at he edge of corn fields hidden down some old logging road. I am still an upland bird hunter, desert quail, dove, pheasant in the Imperial Valley…ya ll come to.

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