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Win Pennington Seed!

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Enter to win  Pennington Rackmaster Products every month! Just fill in your name and email address in the boxes below. If your name is drawn at the end of each month, we’ll contact you and ship you a bag of Pennington Rackmaster Seed!


3 Responses to “Win Pennington Seed!”
  1. Scott Plegge says:

    Here I sit, with my 7 YO daughter & 5 YO son scratching their backs and my head, on the best way to manage 60 acres of land I just gained access to. Both have been blind hunting with me already, while unsuccessful, it was so much more successful than filling a tag.

    This will be my first real attempt in full property management, with the goal of providing turkey, deer and other game opportunities for myself and children for years to come. I am realistic about QDM abilities on smaller land and available funds, How does one go about creating a long term plan, minimizing wasted time and money, while implementing successful practices and theories

    Scott Plegge

  2. Papa J says:

    We’ve been using Rackmaster products on our lease for more than 13 years, and, despite the less than stellar results last year strictly due to the drought, we have had great results. The deer walk right by the feeders to feed on the green field. And I can’t say more about the clover mix. I’ve sat and watched deer graze on the clover for hours at a time. It’s almost like they can’t get enough to eat, and yet, they still ignore the corn and pellets from the feeders.

  3. Ricky Humphrey says:

    I have tryed white tail instutute clover an it just last good for 3 years , then it goes down hill quick , Does the pinnington clover last any longer then white tail clover??

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