Florida Bass on the St. John’s River and Lake Monroe

flwchampjohncoxLocal fishing guide Capt. Eddie Bussard and FLW Champion John Cox takes Bob out this week on two of Florida’s Bass fishing hot spots near Sanford, Florida. Keep your eye on this beautiful and scenic water treasure. Fishing can be the best of the year if the conditions are right, so tune in to see if Bob hits the jackpot or goes bust!

2 thoughts on “Florida Bass on the St. John’s River and Lake Monroe

  1. tom cousins

    I saw your show on june 16,2013 and was interested to have the recipe for crab fritters and have been wanting for months a Chevrolet/bobredfern green baseball hat that you must offer on some portion of some website somewhere. as you can see I am frustrated because I keep looking but always come up empty. I can never get on the right website. please direct me to the correct place to order this hat and get a copy of this recipe.

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