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Florida Largemouth

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Bob is back down in the Sunshine State of Florida doing what he enjoys and that is catching fish, large mouth bass that is. Florida has it all and fishing is king in the Orlando area, don’t miss some great bass fishing action this week.


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  1. LeRoy Snyder says:

    I would like to solicit your help.

    Some background. I am an avid bass fisherman in my late 70’s. Although not as nimble as I used to be, I am able to go out on my local reservoir at least twice a week. I have started to prepare and execute a “Bucket List” (things that I want to experience before “kicking the bucket”). One of the first items was a trip to Lake El Salto in Mexico. I stayed at Angler’s Inn and had an excellent guide. The experience was beyond my wildest dreams.

    This leads to my request. Would you recommend to me the single lake in the USA that you would fish for lunker bass. What time of year would you fish it? Where would you stay? Who would you use as a guide?

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help.

    Roy Snyder

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