Georgia Quail at Cabin Bluff Resort

This week Bob is back in the Peach State… hunting quail at Cabin Bluff Lodge and Resort. Cabin Bluff Cabin Bluffhas over 27,000 acres of wildlife habitat and 1500 acres of quail hunting property. General Manager, Dave Edwards takes Bob on another great quail hunt along the Atlantic coastal plain in Woodbine, Georgia. If you love upland bird hunting, this is a show you will surely want to see!!

1 thought on “Georgia Quail at Cabin Bluff Resort

  1. Mike Johnson

    Hello Bob, i really enjoyed your show on quail hunting in Woodbine,Ga. I used to live in Jacksonville,Fl and am now living in Minnesota. We do alot of grouse hunting up here which is some what similar to the quail and would love to have the reciept that you featured on that show to try on the grouse we hunt up here… Thanks for your show and always look forward to it.. Mike Johnson

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