Wednesday, October 17, 2018

North Carolina Speckled Sea Trout at Wrightsville Beach

K0i9xi-GsmvtPjxZBq-LhZM1tJ2f13r1CYANR5BYHZAThis week Bob will be fishing for speckled sea trout with his longtime friend and guide, Jot Owens. Jot is based out of Wrightsville Beach on the coast of North Carolina and one of the leading saltwater guides in the area. Tune in, because after you see Bob catching catching sea trout along the Atlantic coast, you’ll be ready to schedule your next fishing trip! If you like to inshore fish, this is an episode of must see TV.


2 Responses to “North Carolina Speckled Sea Trout at Wrightsville Beach”
  1. I Can not find Dan’s recipe for the venison medallion Dr. Pepper reduction sauce? I went to Sportsman Table, but it isn’t there.

  2. BROM says:


    You can find and print Dan’s recipe by clicking here:

    Thanks for tuning in, happy eating!

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