Quail Hunting at Backwoods Quail Club in Hemmingway, SC

back-woods-NEW-header1This week Bob will be joined by outdoorsman and South Carolina Representative Alan Clemmons from Myrtle Beach. Bob and Alan will start out on the shooting sports range and then head out to hunt for quail. Alan is an avid outdoorsman, but really likes to turkey hunt… Bob will talk to Alan about his past turkey hunting adventures while walking behind some pointing bird dogs at Backwoods Quail Club. Tune in to see if Bob can get Alan hooked on upland birds!

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  1. hcfcu4u

    While in the quail woods, winding through patches of broomstraw and palmetto, you will encounter live oak groves, open pine woods and views of the Intracoastal Waterway – a truly unique quail hunting experience – one you will only find at Cabin Bluff.

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