Tennessee Summer Bass

Tennessee is known for its great outdoor opportunities as well as being home to the Country Music capitol of the world. This week Bob will showcase both… fishing for bass and showcasing the Country Music Awards Festival in Nashville in tribute to country music fans everywhere. Bob will be joined by the Chevrolet Team in Nashville and catching bass with a longtime retired military friend to cap off a great week of Tennessee hospitality.

1 thought on “Tennessee Summer Bass

  1. ron whilden

    Mr Redfern If ya want to get your string STRETCHED I would be glad to show you how I catch Lake Cherokee Stripers/Hybrids as well as how I catch bait. Rutledge Tennessee is the town my retirement home is in with a great view of Cherokee Lake. We have GREAT fishing here in Tennessee and would like the chance to show ya. I am the Striperman. I live in Charlotte NC and drive 4 hours to get there every other weekend year round.Give me a call sometime and I let ya know how the fishing/catching is going.My cell #704 607 2206. This year has been a great year with the two largest fish out of Cherokee 4/22/11 22lb 14oz striper & 10/8/11 18lb 6oz striper. Our hybrids ar big also some just over 10lbs.I live bait ,troll Umbrella rig, downrigger jigs,spoon jig and cast for them. I know you prefer SC but when you need a change of pace give me a call. Ron Striperman Whilden

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