Virginia Beach Striper Fishing on VERSUS – March 29th, 2010

Catch Bob fishing at Virginia Beach –  the longest pleasure beach in the world (Guinness Book of World Records).  He’s not on vacation however, he’s after what some people call the greatest striped bass fisheries in the world.  Fishing alongside Bob is Captain Rich Schott with Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing Charters, be sure to tune in and see why Virginia Beach truly is the worlds greatest striped bass fishing destination.

A little about Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing Charters:

We pride ourselves on being a first-class Chesapeake Bay fishing charter. We have a long list of businesses that have found our services very productive for entertaining clients, as well as many private and family fishing charters. Joining in on the experience is as easy as making a phone call. We can provide everything for a great day on the Chesapeake Bay from your food and beverages to arranging fish cleaning services at the end of the day.

We fish seven days a week from the Annapolis area, which is conveniently located within minutes to both Baltimore and D.C. (April – December). In addition, we do Virginia Beach fishing out of Rudee Inlet (December – March). However, custom pickup and drop off points can be arranged anywhere on the Chesapeake Bay or its tributaries.

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One thought on “Virginia Beach Striper Fishing on VERSUS – March 29th, 2010

  1. ron doggendorf

    I love fishing for rock as much as anyone in the world but the slaughter that has been taking place off Rudee Inlet is disturbing. For the last few years the strippers have not moved as far south as they use to and the charter boats out of Virginia Beach have been killing them all winter. Since these fish are pre-spawn, how can this NOT be putting a huge dent in in the population? I am afraid we are heading for another moratorium like we had in the past. Considering the condition of the of the bay as a whole, I believe the fish need every break they can get. Another thing that is pissing me off is the preseason
    “practice fishing” that occurs every year here in Maryland. Last year as I was crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on April First We counted over 40 boats trolling for Rock two weeks before the season came in. I’m sure that not all these fish caught are returned. Between the illegal fish being kept and the fish that are mortally wounded I’m sure we are further depleting the population. If you disagree please let me know and the REASON you think I am wrong. I am 70 years old and have fished the Bay for 54 of those years and I don’t remember the Bay being in such poor shape.

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