West Virginia Trails and Fishing

Bob’s destination this week includes fishing the New River in West Virginia, with outfitter River Expeditions and riding the ATV trails at the Pinnacle Creek Trailhead of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. Catching fish and riding the open trails is a great way to discover the outdoors in West Virginia. This is a show that you must see and better yet…. Experience West Virginia for yourself.

4 thoughts on “West Virginia Trails and Fishing

  1. Brian Herring

    Just got back this Tuesday myself after hitting all of the trails for Hatfield and McCoy. I saw amazing natural resources and towns that saddened me. I road amazing trails and some I relaxed with locals and some I attacked and road as hard as I could. Many times I hit jumps sending all 4 wheels in the air. I highly recommend these trails to everyone. I will be back and if you get time stop in Logan at 317 for a great steak just make sure to ask for sweet tea and tell Christy Coach sent you. You’ll know her because she’ll be the best looking and firey girl in West Virginia.

    Next trip I’m taking my fishing gear.

  2. Dan

    Recently I took advantage of the gorgeous West Virginia wilderness with Harman’s UTV tours and had a blast.I think WV is the best city to go fishing and trails. Also, explored the New River on our little ATV vacation and found some great trout fishing along the way.

  3. Choi

    Recently stayed at Harman’s Luxury Cabins and had a blast! The scenic location is perfectly situated to to give access to some of the best trout fishing, hiking, and ATV tours West Virginia can offer.

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