Winyah Bay Big Bull Reds

The South Carolina coast is home to some of the best inshore Fishing on the Eastern Seaboard and Bob’s guest this week is long time friend Kevin Messmer with Chevrolet. Bob is doing it all this week, guiding and locating the big bull red fish in Winyah Bay with Kevin trying to land his very first Redfish. You have got to stay dialed in to see if Bob can get it done. Contender or Pretender…you be the judge.

1 thought on “Winyah Bay Big Bull Reds

  1. dana conlon

    I watched the show and can’t quite figure out axactly where you were. My son and I live in Myrtle Beach, and fish Winya Bay to get away from the crowds. I could see the jetty and the beach across from you, but couldn’t see the light house. Let me know if you can. Love the show

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