Seared Golden Tile Fish Recipe

Another great recipe for Seared local Golden Tile Fish with Sweet Red Pepper-Dill Relish over Mashed Celery Root from Chef Tom Mullally- Horry/Georgetown Tech Culinary Institute.


Yield: (2 portions)       

Relish: 1- diced roasted red pepper ( 425 degree oven, 20-30 min, turn pepper once or twice until almost black.

Now the skin from the pepper Will fall off easily under running cold water.)

1- tbsp chopped dill

1- ripe tomato, diced

1- tbsp diced scallion.        —

Dice all ingredients fairly small. Combine together in a small bowl with salt, pepper, and vinegar

1- tbsp diced red onion

1- tbsp apple cider vinegar

1- large celery root:  peel and dice the celery.

Boil in lightly salted water.

Once celery is soft, mash the celery root with melted butter and cream or milk.

Season to taste. It’s the same procedure like making mashed potatoes. Simply sub the celery root for the potato.

Lightly season both sides of your fish with salt and pepper. Sear the fish in about one ounce of olive oil over medium- high heat until golden brown.

Finish the fish in a 400 degree oven for about 8-10 min, depending on the thickness of your fish. A 6-7 ounce fillet is a good portion size.

Place the mashed celery root on the plate first, then the cooked triggerfish over the celery root.

Now spoon your room temp Relish over the fish.


Your healthy low calorie local fish entree is now finished, and it’s carb-free!!!