Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites
A customer favorite
Boneless chicken thighs are tenderized, stuffed with banana peppers and wrapped in bacon. Dusted with house seasoning and hickory smoked. Finished with our pepper-vinegar sauce.
Any wild game may be substituted –duck, rabbit, quail,
Chicken thighs boneless –tenderized with mallet
2-4 oz. of banana pepper rings
5-7 strips of bacon
Method of Preparation:
Skin and Debone Chicken Thighs , then tenderize with mallet
Layout 5-7 pieces of bacon
Place thighs across bottom of bacon and layer banana pepper rings across center.
Dust with house seasoning and roll up
Place in smoker 1.5 hours or my also bake in oven 350’ 30-40min
Internal temperature should reach 165 and bacon should be crispy.
Cut and serve with pepper vinegar sauce.

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  1. Janet Lefever

    hi bob your recipes are always good thankyou and i hope you and your family has a very merrry chriestmas and happy new year too! janet lefever in polk ohio

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    Bob- I was a Ford Marketing representative for ten years when I graduated from University of Alabama.My first job was in Charlotte and I called on Rufus Redfern in a little town called Camden, SC. Always wondered if you were related.i do remember his sons but couldn’t remember their names.I do remember they were young men.

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