Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs Recipe

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs
With Sweet Corn, Lima Beans, Smoked Bacon and Sweet Potato Chowder
Serves 2

Chowder Ingredients:
Whole unsalted butter 1 tbs
Bacon, diced ¼ cup
Onions, small dice 1/3 cup
Celery, small dice ¼ cup
Red peppers, medium dice ¼ cup
Sweet Potatoes 2 Each
Thyme, fresh 2 each
Sweet Corn 1 each
Butter beans 1/3 cup
Cream ¼ Cup
Chives, fresh 1 bunch
Salt & pepper to taste
1. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into medium dice. Season with salt and pepper and rub with oil. Roast in a 400 degrees oven until soft and caramelized. Reserve.
2. Render the bacon on medium heat. Take out the bacon reserve.
3. In the same pan, sauté the corn, peppers, onions, and celery for about 5 minutes or until soft.
4. Add the stock, thyme and simmer for about 10 minutes.
5. Add sweet potatoes, bacon and cream.
6. Adjust seasoning.
7. Top dish with chopped chives.
Deep Fried Crabs

Soft shelled crabs 2 each
Egg, whole 1 each
Flour, all purpose ½ cup
Milk, whole ½ cup
Salt, pepper and Old Bay to taste
Peanut oil 1 Quart
1. Clean soft shell crabs and rinse.
2. Wisk egg in a bowl and coat the crab with egg mixture and then seasoned flour.
3. Coat well and place crabs in a frying pan and fry in oil heated to 375-degrees.
4. Cook crabs on each side, turning once, until golden brown (about 4 minutes on each side)
5. Drain on paper towels.