Mustard and Turnip Greens – Chef Fatback

If you love greens as much as we do, you’re gonna love this delicious recipe from Chef Fatback Walker, from Mac’s on Main:

Mustard and Turnip Greens

2 lbs of fresh Turnip greens with roots (Available Oct. – May)
2 lbs of fresh Mustard greens
3 Large Pieces of smoked turkey wings
2 oz of salt

In a large sauce pan bring smoked turkey wings and salt to a rapid boil then
turn down the heat to a simmer. While this going on wash and de-stem as
much as possible the Turnip greens. Place Turnip greens in the sink wash
with cold water and salt. Do the same to the Mustard greens and mix together
in the sink. Cut both ends of the root balls off wash them and place in the
pot. You may have to repeat the washing two or three times. When you are
done washing the greens place them in the pot where the turkey wing broth is
simmering and continue to cook until tender approximately 2 hours.
Enjoy them with some fresh red onion and apple cider vinegar.