San Marzano Tomato & Strawberry Gazpacho Recipe

1 28oz Can Peeled, San Marzano Tomatoes (Or your favorite brand of tomatoes)

2 Pints Fresh Strawberries

½ each English Cucumber, Peeled, roughly chopped

1 teaspoon Red Onion, Peeled, Germ Removed, & Minced

¼ teaspoon Ground Kombu (Optional)

1Tablespoon Mayonnaise (Optional)

As needed:
Kosher salt
Banyuls or Sherry Vinegar
Agave or Honey
Ground coriander (about 1/8 teaspoon)

Wash, Hull and ¼ the strawberries. Then prepare the cucumber and red onion as directed and place in a food processor or blender.

Add the Canned tomatoes to the food processer/blender and puree smooth
(If using, add the mayonnaise and Kombu, then continue to puree until smooth)

Season the soup with kosher salt, Ground coriander (approximately 1/8 teaspoon), Banyuls or Sherry vinegar, Agave or Honey to taste.

Pass through a fine mesh strainer, Adjust the consistency with a little cold water or tomato juice; as needed.
Chill completely, and serve

At the restaurant we typically garnish the soup with micro basil, candied coriander seeds, Lemon “caviar”, compressed strawberries and Lemon infused olive oil. However, we always encourage home cooks to be creative by adding as many (or as few) layers of sophistication as you like.

Nate Whiting
Executive Chef
Charleston, South Carolina