Sautéed Oysters Recipe

A delicious recipe from Chef Fred Neuville who has been the founding Chef / Partner of some of Charleston’s favorite restaurants. In 2007 Chef Neuville left to go out on his own with his family and open Fat Hen Restaurant & Catering (Low Country French). Neuville spent his days in the restaurant fast lane making an indelible mark on the Charleston food scene. Ready to fuse his passion for food and family, Neuville opens Fat Hen as an outpost for culinary delights and domestic enjoyment.

Sautéed Oysters

• Shallots…1oz.
• Country Ham…1.5 oz.
• Wild Mushrooms…1.5oz.
• White Wine…1 oz.
• Liason…3 oz.
• Spinach…1 oz.
• Oyster (selects)…5 each

Using a sauté pan on high heat, you first start with the shallots and white wine. Let the wine reduce by half and add liason(egg yolks and heavy cream), mushrooms, and country ham. When the liason is “nape” consistency, add the spinach and oysters. Sauté until the oysters are translucent, season with salt and pepper, and serve over grilled Tuscan bread.