Seared Snapper Recipe

Seared Snapper “Francaise” Over Rice With Farm Fresh Vegetables – (2 Portion Yield)

• Take 2 – 6-7 ounce Snapper fillets and Lightly Season Both Sides with Salt & Pepper. Lightly dredge Raw Snapper in AP Flour, Then Egg Wash, Then in Hot Oil on Medium High Heat. Add Snapper to the oil until you get a nice golden brown on both sides

• Finish Snapper Fillets in a 400 Degree oven For 5-10 minutes until Cooked and Flaky

• Cook about ¾ Cup of your Favorite Raw Rice until Fluffy, About 25 minutes

• Cook About 2 Cups Total of Your Favorite Mixed Vegetables. Reheat the Vegetables in Melted Whole Butter over Medium-Low Heat. Season to Taste

• To Finish the Snapper Franchaise, Put the Rice down in the Center of the Plate. Now place Cooked Fish over The Rice. Display your Colorful Cooked Vegetables around the Fish

• Lastly, Squeeze some Fresh Lemon over the Fish To complete the Dish