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Upland Quail Hunt at Bienville Plantation

Quail Photos

Quail Photos

Bob’s Chevy Destination this week is right in the heart of Southeastern quail country. Upland birds are flying high, so don’t miss this episode if you love bird hunting!

A covey of Florida Bob White explode, you react by spinning your Parker in the direction of the action. The air fills with echoed shots and anticipated excitement. Immediately, your faithful English Pointer has targeted another fast flying southern quail opportunity. The quietness and solitude of our Florida quail fields welcome you as you cautiously stroll through the tall grass behind a brace of Pointers, Setters or Brittany’s.

Re-creating the fine gentlemen’s tradition of southern style quail hunting and Florida upland wing shooting is an art form. We are proud to say, we’ve mastered it. Our quail hunts provide the sportsman with the rare opportunity to shoot at wild birds along with high quality, fast flying released birds. Our quail courses range from grasslands and pineland to scenic water-front fields.

More info on Bienville: http://www.bienville.com