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Bob Redfern at Bienville Plantation

bvp2018Tune into the show this week and catch us in Florida at Bienville Plantation for an incredible experience.

Bienville is one of America’s most renowned hunting and fishing operations! They cater to individual sportsman, as well as families and corporations. Our pristine accommodations will afford you the opportunity to relax while never compromising your standards.

Enjoy the same activities and amenities that have been afforded to BASS, ESPN, Remington, OLN, Ferguson Enterprises, DeWalt Tools, Moen and Amana to name a handful. And if you are a true sporting enthusiast you will recognize the names of Hank Parker, Chris Dorsey, Shaw Grigsby, Bernie Schultz, Al Linder, Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston. These are just a few of the on air celebrities that have and continue to make Bienville a destination of choice.

Southern hospitality and corporate events are our specialty. Over the years Bienville has been in operation we have seen an increase in the need for corporate event planners to find locations that are unique and able to accommodate small executive groups to larger gatherings. We at Bienville Plantation are able to provide a mixed bag of activities such as quail hunting, guided bass fishing, duck hunting, alligator hunting, skeet, trap, five-stand, fine dining and well appointed lodging.

Whether you are looking for fast flying Florida quail hunting or Florida trophy bass fishing, Bienville Plantation is the destination where all your dreams can come true.

Virginia Quail Hunting at Rasawek Hunting Preserve – Part 1

Quail hunting in Virginia… Bob has found the right spot for all of you Mid-Atlantic bird hunters, along with great dogs to boot. Rasawek Hunting Preserve in the heart of Virginia just outside of Richmond. This is a show you will surely enjoy, so don’t miss it.

rasawek hunting preserve

Quail Hunting with Josh Waters USC Athletics at Dewitt’s Outdoor Sports Complex in Ellerbe, NC

This week Bob heads to Ellerbe, NC to take Josh Waters, Marketing Director for the University of South Carolina Athletic Department on his first upland bird hunt. Bob and Josh are going to discuss Gamecock sports and chasing upland quail and pheasants at Dewitt’s Outdoor Sports in North Carolina!

If you like Upland Bird Hunting then this is a show you have to see!

North Carolina’s The Fork Farm & Stables

Bob is hunting quail this week at The Fork Farm & Stables near Norwood, North Carolina. The Fork is a hunter’s paradise for those folks that like to quail & duck hunt and shoot sporting clays. Bob’s wingman & host this week is Jim Cogdell, owner of the Fork and Chairman of the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. Bob & Jim will be in the field and on the range showcasing one of the best hunting destinations on the east coast. This is a show that has it all! The Fork Farm & Stables

Grilled Marinated Manchester Farm Quail

Chef Bradley Daniels has an amazing Grilled Quail recipe, complete with Faro, Caramelized Brussels sprouts, Bacon, and Bourbon Cherries.

For the Marinade:
½ cup Honey
½ cup Olive Oil
1 tsp. Kosher Salt
1 tsp. Black Pepper
1tsp Fresh Thyme, Chopped
2 Tbl Sherry Vinegar
Whisk all of the ingredients together and pour over the quail.
For the Cherries:
1 cup dried cherries
½ cup Bourbon
½ cup red wine vinegar
Reconstitute the cherries in the bourbon for 1 hour. Pour cherries and liquid in small sauce pot and cover with vinegar. Bring to a boil and then remove from heat.
For Faro, Sprouts, and Bacon:
2 cup Cooked Faro
1 Cup Caramelized Brussels sprouts
½ cup Bacon, cut into small dice and fat rendered off
1 tbl butter
1 cup chicken stock
Begin by rendering down the bacon in a large pot. Cook bacon until it is almost crispy, and carefully remove excess fat. Add the cut Brussels sprouts to the pan, cut side down. Cook the Brussels sprouts in the bacon until they begin to get brown. Add in the Faro and stir the mixture. Add the butter and stock and bring to a cook boil.
To complete the dish:
Place the marinated quail on the grill and cook until finished. About three minutes on each side. Place a spoon of the faro mixture on the center of a plate. Cut the quail on a bias and place the pieces on the faro. Garnish with the bourbon cherries and small drizzle of the liquid.

Ducks Gone Wild In North Carolina

Bob is hunting quail and mallard ducks this week at Buchanan Shoals near Wadesboro, North Carolina. Buchanan Shoals is a hunter’s paradise for those folks that like to quail & duck hunt, fish and hunt for wild hogs, deer and turkey. Bob’s wingmen this week is some of his closest friends from Chevrolet…….This is a show that has it all!

Georgia Quail at Cabin Bluff Resort

This week Bob is back in the Peach State… hunting quail at Cabin Bluff Lodge and Resort. Cabin Bluff Cabin Bluffhas over 27,000 acres of wildlife habitat and 1500 acres of quail hunting property. General Manager, Dave Edwards takes Bob on another great quail hunt along the Atlantic coastal plain in Woodbine, Georgia. If you love upland bird hunting, this is a show you will surely want to see!!

Southern Quail with Pennington Seed

This week Bob is joined by two Georgia Outdoorsmen, Ronnie Stapp and Burton Hacker of Pennington Seed. Wildlife habitat and coveys of quail will be the focus of the show this week. Bob will have the chance to discuss their love for hunting and the outdoors as well as how important habitat, hunting and outdoor sports is to our future. A show you will surely enjoy, so don’t miss it.